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Thursday, July 10, 2008

What archive could reconstruct the hours of time spent staring at a screen..

Starting my reading list for my impending A exams and getting my website back up and running has made me realize that I spend an awful lot of time staring ahead, completely immobile, my mind far away. As I think about my plan of attack on getting to the archives in the Netherlands, I wonder about what moments of my own life will actually leave a footprint. Will a developer inadvertently stumble on my long forgotten grave causing a flurry of scholars to descend and rifle through my bones spitting theories about why I decided to be buried with a fabulous necklace wrapped around my waist? Will my social security number be all that survives (gasp, horror, that's like something out of an Orwellian nightmare), or perhaps my trash? How will future generations write the hours, years, decades of inert time sitting in front of books, computers or TVs? Will it be a pillar to the ultimate cruelty? When noxious ships pulled into New York Harbor three hundred years ago New Yorkers complained of the stench but not of the injustice of the people cramped inside.

Will another someday write that while millions lived on $1-2 dollars a day struggling to find clean water or to dodge ethnic cleansing or religious persecution, an army of others sat and stared blankly ahead at a binary code of bright colors.


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