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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Will Posterity Care if you Were Portly?

Even though I have started to fill my days with history reading I can't shake the feeling that occasionally enters my brain like a nervous tick; I feel excessively rotund. Now this is not going to be the start of a weight loss blog, but rather a rumination on why those thoughts fill up so much of my head cavity.

Rarely have I wondered when thinking about a historical female subject whether or not that person had a healthy BMI. But so much of my own thought revolves around how fiercely the moon is pulling me down to earth. But it isn't just me. So many conversations that I have had with girlfriends, female relatives, strangers on the street devolves into a dirge to how fatty a certain food is, how much weight so and so has gained, and what diet plan works or does not work.

Were our great-great grandmothers secretly obsessed with how closely they adhered to the physical norm that existed in their own minds? And how will the incessant calorie, fat and carb counting of our own lives translate to the pages of history? Is it something that will be captured in an archive? Even if it is, will any scholar think it important?


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