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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Raincoats, Mini Stroopwaffles and Warme Chocolademelk

Today saw both rainclouds and another cruise ship roll in. Turns out, the PTA (Passenger Terminal Amsterdam) next door is, low and behold, a docking point for cruise ships! You can read all about it at (or for those of you who spreken Nederlands, So, as the high seas creatures of comfort huddled near their climbing wall to avoid getting wet, we marched out into the elements to find some rain gear.

Our trip took us over hill and dale and man-made harbor walkways to de Bijenkorf, described by Frommer's as "Amsterdam's answer to New York's Bloomingdale's," where we found a cute white rain coat for Nicole, but a dearth of men's raincoats for me (Bill, guest blogging for today's post). But, never fear! A quick jaunt across Dam Square (avoiding the Trams and mad, wet weather cyclists, of course) took us to Peek & Cloppenburg, described by me as Amsterdam's answer to New York's Target.;-) A few Euros later, I was wearing a black raincoat far too stylish to come with its own rollup bag, even though it did.

Of course, once we had our raincoats and had filled up on mini stroopwaffles, warme chocolademelk and cappuccinos in de Bijenkorf's first floor cafe, the sun broke through the clouds, sending the cruise ship passengers scurrying out into the city for trinkets and souveniers in their waning moments at port in Amsterdam and leading us to the only logical end point for two Americans who had too much exercise and ate too much sugar -- a nap back at the hotel, followed by lounging in the spa, and late night archival preparations for Nicole.


Blogger natifperdu said...


Explain again how is Dutch related to English? At first glance when reading your title for today's post the mothering portion of my personna thought, "Oh my, Nicole has a couple of typos!" Then, much to my chagrin, "I realized that must be Dutch!" LOL!

It looks as if today (now yesterday for you and Bill) was a bitterly cold nasty and rainy day, weather akin to the Boston side of your suspended state between "bean town" and Ithaca. Sleep tight my dear children for in less than 48 hours you will return to the land of ever decreasing excesses and sustained gluttony! The good old USA!


August 8, 2008 at 10:05 PM  
Blogger sgtbs said...

Those Mini Stroopwaffles and Chocolademelk sho do look good!!! hmmmmm mmmmmmmm. hehe. We miss you guys so much...wish we were there.
Brian & Blanca

August 9, 2008 at 5:25 PM  

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